Jim Hefner
Jim Hefner

Spending most of his adult life in gospel music - took his first full-time quartet job two weeks after high school as a Tenor for the Cavalier Quartet in Norfolk, Virginia. From there were stops in Marion, Illinois with The Starmen, and then to Birmingham with The Rhythm Masters for several years.

Jim was a founding member of The Southmen in 1974 as Tenor, Manager, and Emcee. He still holds these titles and considered by many as one of the best emcees in gospel music. He can take control of an audience very quickly having them crying one minute and laughing the next. A very dry humor makes him a fan favorite at every event.

Roy Bray
Johny Washburn
Bass Guitar

One of the founding members of The Southmen Quartet, John is one of a kind - always agreeable, helpful, and the most pleasant to travel with. He is a great multi-talented musician, and also one of the best bus drivers on the road.

John is always on The Southmen stage with a big smile as our bass guitarist. He has a heart for God, a love of music, and is a vital part of The Southmen.